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Can a Bankruptcy Be Denied?

Almost all bankruptcy cases proceed without any problems and the debtor receives a discharge of his debt at the end of the case. But in some cases, a bankruptcy filing can be insufficient or the discharge of debt can be … Continue reading

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Will Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure?

While some consumers have been able to avoid foreclosure through loan modification, others complain that lenders often “lose” paperwork and then deny their modification because “the application was incomplete” or the loan modification process takes so long that the mortgage … Continue reading

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What Effect Will My Bankruptcy Have on a Pending Settlement?

For many Americans, a pending settlement from a lawsuit, inheritance, or insurance claim is a door to a brighter, more prosperous future. A lump sum settlement brings to mind everything from luxury vacations to nicer homes, cars, and wardrobes. There’s … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy Article-What is a discharge in bankruptcy? by St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney Tobias Licker

The bankruptcy discharge is what releases the debtor from liability for debts. Once the debts are discharged, the debtor is no longer responsible for them. What does discharge actually mean?   The discharge means that the individual is given a … Continue reading

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