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Can a Bankruptcy Be Denied?

Almost all bankruptcy cases proceed without any problems and the debtor receives a discharge of his debt at the end of the case. But in some cases, a bankruptcy filing can be insufficient or the discharge of debt can be … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy Article-What is a discharge in bankruptcy? by St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney Tobias Licker

The bankruptcy discharge is what releases the debtor from liability for debts. Once the debts are discharged, the debtor is no longer responsible for them. What does discharge actually mean?   The discharge means that the individual is given a … Continue reading

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Are delinquent personal property taxes dischargeable in a chapter 7 bankruptcy case?

It depends on how old the property tax is. If the property tax is older than one year it will be dischargeable. §523(a)(1) lists the exceptions to discharge and refers to §507(a)(8) which describes a property tax as priority when it is … Continue reading

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Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Eliminate All Bills?

Chapter 7 eliminates most of a debtor’s unsecured debts. A debt is unsecured when the debtor did not pledge a personal property or real property as security for a loan. Sometimes, a security agreement is made without that the debtor … Continue reading

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